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D' Or Founder's Barrel (Gold)

D' Or Founder's Barrel  (Gold)
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Wine/Tasting Room Discount: 20%

Founders/Owner Harvest Party Tickets: 3 (Extra $100/pp)

Early Access to Club Pickup (Pre Party): Included

Founders Bottles held on site to enjoy: Included

Access to Founders Barrel: 1 Case (choice of Large Format)

Custom Blending experience/Cave Tasting: $75/pp

Free Shipping: Included

Benefits Last For: 2 Years after last allocation

Enhanced Glassware: $10/pp

Complimentary Guests: 6 (Extra $20/pp)

Extended Guest Benefits per visit (Passport): 3

Personal Vinyl Record on Stored Site: Included

Zoom Tasting: $50

Memberships Available: 35