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Terra de Promissio

Vineyard Name: Terra de Promissio – Latin for “The Land of Promise”

Location:  On the east side of Petaluma

Owners:  Charles and Diana Karren

Varietals:  Pinot Noir

Elevation: ~50-70 ft.

Soil: clay, loam, alluvial

Why we like the Karrens: I met Diana over a cup of coffee in her kitchen to discuss the possibility of selling me two tons of fruit. I was too small of a client of course... after that cup of coffee she saw our vision and we partnered on two tons of Calera Clone Pinot Noir.    

Why we like the vineyard: This site is closer to the water than any of our other vineyards, perhaps just a smidge warmer, but the soil .... Run your hands through the dirt of the rolling hills and you will find sea shells from the ancient sea beds. 

Animal Friends:

Hawks and owls protect the vineyard from gophers and moles - Diana’s father Vadim had built by hand 4 raptor roosts and 10 owl boxes for them. Neighboring cows. Vineyard dog.

Montagne Russe Wines Produced:

2021 Terra de Promissio Pinot Noir - 94 Points, Wine Enthusiast
2019 Terra de Promissio Pinot Noir - 92 Points, James Suckling
2018 Terra de Promissio Pinot Noir - 91 Points, James Suckling