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Wine Club FAQ List:

What are my benefits?

Visits - Your membership now comes with complimentary tastings at our new tasting room in Healdsburg, along with discounted private cave tastings in Petaluma.
(Giant Dipper - 2 free tasting, four times per year. Matterhorn - 3 free tastings, four times per year. Goliath - 4 free tastings, four times per year). 

Events - Two free pickup parties a year along with discounts on all other events
Club Specials - Quarterly club only discounts and specials
Club only wines – Access to club-member-only select wines.
Le Meilleur - You think the Pinots have been good so far?  Imagine what happens when I take a little bit of each of the best barrels and blend it into one amazing wine with a special label, hand signed, and collectible?  You get Le Meilleur, “The Best”.

1) Why am I giving my credit card ahead of time?

When it comes time for the shipment, the wine club software automatically bills your card on file right before we ship the wines out.  If we had to call each person ahead of time at the time of shipment, we would have to hire more staff and that would make your wines much more expensive!  This is basically how every winery does it.

2) Is my credit card secure?

We use the Wine Direct system (formerly Vin65) which is used by many of the top wineries all over the country.  Your credit card is stored encrypted on a PCI compliant sever.  Wine Direct uses a Triple DES [3DES] encryption algorithm for credit cards.  On our end, we only see the last four digits.

3) How much is each shipment?

We try to balance each club with a mix of wines to keep the average shipment relatively constant.  Bottle prices are between $28 and $90 with an average around $45/bottle.  The shipment amount will depend on the bottles and discount but as an average…

Big Dipper Club – 4 bottles with a 10% discount  ($175*) per shipment
Matterhorn Club – 6 bottles with a 15% discount ($300*) per shipment
Goliath Club – 12 bottles with a 20% discount ($525*) per shipment

**Clubs are customizable, so you are in control of cost, but if you choose not to customize, these prices are the average of a typical club shipment "as is". 

4)How much is shipping? 

3 bottles              California - $25                 Everywhere else - $35
6 bottles              California - $35                 Everywhere else - $40-50
12 bottles            California - $45                 Everywhere else - $50-67

5) Do I get charged tax?

Only in the state of California.

6) How often are the shipments?

Twice a year – Early April and Early November, we don’t ship during the summer months.

7) Which wines will I be getting?

Each shipment has a mix of Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, and Syrah.  It will also depend on your club level.  The higher you go, the more access to exclusive wines you get!

8)What if I want to change out a wine?

We allow customizations! - Just let us know. (It may change the overall cost.)

9) Can I pick up the wine?

Yes! You may pick up your wines at our Healdsburg tasting room. Plus, we will have two pick up events each year around April and November. 

10) Can I skip a shipment?

Yes, but………. Only once every two years.  Just call or email and we will put your membership on hold.

11) Does my discount carry over to extra purchases?


12) If the club is not right for me, can I still purchase wine?

Yes with two caveats: 1) not all wines will be available for non club members, 2) wines will be at full retail. Just visit us in the Healdsburg tasting room, or go on the website and order online.