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In 2013 We were making wine in a garage...In 2015 we scored 95 points...

The oldest roller coasters were inspired by constructed hills of wood and ice... Historians debate whether it was the Russians or the French who first placed wheels on the sleds, however it is clear that French visitors upon seeing these slides brought the idea back to France in 1804 and appropriately called them, “Russian Mountains... ...MONTAGNE RUSSE.”

Kevin Bersofsky, owner & winemaker, began his winemaking journey in his small Napa garage in 2006 and had quite the roller coaster ride to becoming an official winery in 2015. Kevin had designed roller coasters as an engineering undergraduate, which immediately gave him inspiration for the label’s namesake given the corkscrews and inversions that went into his first full barrel of Syrah in 2008. 

Originating in a garage, getting busted by the Federal Government in 2013, and legally coming to be in 2015, Montagne Russe focuses on producing [seriously above average] single-vineyard Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, and Syrah from cool-climate regions such as the Petaluma Gap.

We are a small winery on the rise, and quickly gaining notoriety for our outstanding wines and retro feel. Visit us in our Healdsburg tasting room, which is also home to our Vino & Vinyls Record Shop.

We have over 2,000 vinyl records, and they range from $5 to $40 each; with everything from Miles Davis, to the Eagles, to Taylor Swift. There is something for everyone. LEARN MORE HERE.






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